CAVI Smart Monitoring

CAVI Smart Monitoring is a software solution dedicated to the monitoring and management of security systems – that integrates intrusion, fire detection, video, control acces and GPS tracking – that was projected for companies with a multiple number of locations (e.g banking, oil&gas, pharma companies etc…) and where one company can ensure in a centralized manner.



CAVI Smart Monitoring platform has been developed and continuously optimized by our engineering team, recommended by solid background experience in developing enterprise integrated solutions, giving us the opportunity to offer our clients an advanced security monitoring solution, tested in real and consistent environments.

Our monitoring platform rapidly adapts to the market’s requirements and demands, offering a monitoring and management solution that will not become obsolete at the implementation of new technology or at new market constraints (e.g. product discontinuation).
Moreover, it holds absolutely no constraints on the final client in the decision of choosing the best suited technical products.

Scalable Architecture – No limits, No compromise

CAVI software platform supports both vertical and horizontal system scaling, being suitable for any business environment. The modular system architecture allows implementation of any number of subsequent standard/custom modules, without compromising the existing set-up. At the same time, unlimited systems or locations can be added to the unifi ed monitoring system, thus lifting technical constraints associated with IT system capabilities.


  • Monitor, inspect and Solve incidents immediately
  • Complex Algorithms for Displaying and Prioritizing alarms
  • Smart incident Report log and Ticket Escalation Policy


  • Customizable & Interactive Video-Wall Display System
  • Integration with Anti-Burglary Application Module
  • Virtual Patrol Video Security Module


Flexible Deployment

CAVI SMART MONITORING PLATFORM is one of the most comprehensive security integration platforms offering advanced monitoring and security management tools for full integration with any critical business application and the most extensive device support available.

CAVI’s software has been developed as an open client-server platform, offering endless possibilities for full integration with any type of monitoring and management equipment.

The platform satisfi es the highest standards, having been constructed on a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) secure system which integrates all the modules plus a web interface allowing an ergonomic visualization of incidents, alarms, equipment status and resource allocation.

By enabling a flexible core, the platform is fully scalable and customizable, offering the opportunity to integrate any type of equipment or software, from any manufacturer or developer.