CAVI Share Alert

CAVI Share Alert is a new concept on the market for monitoring and security intervention services (similar to the Uber or Star Taxi concept for taxi). This platform allows intervention vehicles monitoring and communication with a central dispatch center using a dedicated mobile App for tablets.

The application allows to:

  • Get the closest intervention team in the area ( in case of a confirmed security event).
  • Communicate with the intervention team during the intervention mission.
  • Track available intervention vehicules 24/7;
  • Alert not covered areas on a distance range of 5 km;
  • See on map all monitored locations;
  • Map historical incidents and mark risky areas.

CAVI Share Alert is also an instrument for security ressource managers by adding value to their companies through the following features:

  • Possibility to compare several interventions suppliers from different geographical areas;
  • Possibility to benefit from best time for interventions;
  • Visibility and trasability over rendered services;
  • Guaranteed intervention time through Service Level Agreement
  • Pay only if intervention time is respected;
  • Lower costs of monitoring and interventions, while improving the overall quality of provided services.