CAVI Connected Buildings

CAVI Connected Buildings is a software platform dedicated to centralized monitoring and management of equipments from multiple offices and/or retail buildings, integrating a variety of equipments – from BMS systems and metering counters for utilities, to intrusion detection, fire detection, video and control acces systems – that offers the possibility to :

  • Realize an unique center for operational and technical surveillance;
  • Monitor live 24/7 h alarms and events received from equipments within different buildings;
  • Reduce an important part of preventive maintenance operations through automation and/or remote interventions;
  • Create a “building book “ containing instantly accessible information regarding building plans, equipment and intervention charts, contracts, warranties, invoices etc.
  • Use an integrated ticketing system for interventions requested by tenants;
  • Use an automatic calculation and invoicing system for utilities ;
  • Manage budgets and realize smart financial reportings on investements, expenses, fixed assets or incomes.

CAVI Connected Buildings is a management tool for office and/or retail business owners allowing them to benefit from:

  • Lower utility bills and consumptions;
  • Lower costs with maintenance & increased equipment life;
  • Shared ressources and know how regarding the administration and surveillance of different buildings;
  • Alerts and immediat reactions to critical events ;
  • Increased tenant satisfaction by reducing the service charge and introduction of ticketing services;
  • An advanced reporting tool that aggregates and compares data from different buildings, offering clear business overviews for important business decisions.