Company Overview

At Global Intelligence we have set our goals and ambitions to becoming one of the most trusted and recognizable brands of cutting edge engineering and software solutions in Europe. A position and status that we hope to gain through the collective knowledge, integrity and dedication of our employees, through the vision and management skills of our leaders, and through a corporate culture that cultivates teamwork, initiative and ingenuity.

We believe in fostering talent by mentoring the bright young minds that join our company. In this way, we have developed a cohesive and highly effective team culture that offers unparalleled services to our clients.

Our Capabilities

Dedicated Support

Our support team is always responsive and at your disposal for any problem resolution. By using our support ticket system, we provide real-time access to our dedicated team of support engineers.

Agile Software Development

We use this type of project management to ensure that during the development process our customers can save time, money and also have the flexibility to make changes anytime.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our mission is to develop and deliver cutting-edge software products and services utilizing advanced software quality methods and technologies.

Certified Engineers

Our certified engineers together with our experienced R&D team design and implement software solutions to meet high enterprise standards, keeping our customers priorities first.

Software Assurance

We are committed to providing professional products and services. A culture of quality is established by continuously seeking the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

High End Data Protection

We provide high performance end-to-end data security solutions for wide enterprise platforms. We are passionate about engineering our secured platforms for maximum performance, security, reliability and availability.

Our Mission

We aim to develop and deliver cutting-edge software products and services utilizing advanced software quality methods and technologies.

By understanding customer requirements, employing top researchers, and utilizing a test-driven quality management system we are able to produce high-quality, advanced software products including:

  • software production of turn-key, end-to-end applications;
  • development of customized applications for clients;
  • integrate our own platforms to specialized computing platforms;
  • dedicated support with documentation, professional consulting services;
  • specialised software training.

Our Vision

To be an outstanding global software company and create a strong and prosperous ecosystem comprised of satisfied customers, employees and partners. We focus on building customer relationships by achieving execution excellence in delivering measurable business benefits through strategic technology initiatives using flexible and a global delivery model. We believe that our success results from our customers success.

Our Values

  • Continuous improvement focused on excellence and quality in services and products
  • Work discipline based on responsibility, open communication, commitment and ethical practices
  • Building successful employee, customer and business relationships based on trust and understanding
  • Adopting positive and innovative changes that results in productive outcomes for all

Software Quality Assurance

When business models and markets change faster than the applications that support them can be developed, software testing is often first to be cut from the budget or schedule despite the fact that software defects have a direct, negative impact on profitability. Even a small number of defects can have a catastrophic impact on a business, its customers, and its partners. It is estimated that a software defect found and fixed post-production costs 100 times more than if the defect was found in the design stage.

Global Intelligence’s dedicated Software Quality Assurance (SQA) practice provides a full spectrum of testing services to organizations creating business applications and software products. Global Intelligence SQA delivers a combination of solid technical competence along with state-of-the-art testing technologies and frameworks.

Additionally, Global Intelligence SQA offers efficient defect management and prevention practices that include accurate defect description, correction, delegation/registration and post-revision testing. Our SQA team has expertise in various testing types, including functional, reliability, performance and maintainability, enabling us to deliver truly comprehensive SQA service.

The Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) is a global business network of more than 640,000 companies. This recognition underscores our company’s solid expertise with Microsoft technologies, our proven ability to meet customers’ needs, and our overall impact in the global IT marketplace.

Our membership within iOS Developer Program enables Global Intelligence to take advantage of Apple’s insights, expertise and technologies, and makes us part of a vibrant, dynamic community of iOS and MAC developers.

Global Intelligence is enrolled as Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist. Thus, we implement and support a wide range of Google web solutions, and have access to a variety of Google channel partner tools, trainings and certifications. This adds value for our clients by helping them generate more sales opportunities.

Global Intelligence is ISO 9001:2008 certified company. This highly regarded certification guarantees that our software development quality management system meets the demanding requirements of the International Organization for Standardization. The ISO certifications attained by Global Intelligence is further proof of our leading position in the application development market.

Our company is certified under the environment management standard ISO 14001, ensuring control over the environmental effects of our practices and operations in order to minimize pollution and natural habitat alteration.

The ISO/IEC 27001 standard adopted in 2005 regulates all the aspects of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) of a company. The certificate awarded to a company serves as a guarantee of its stability and security for the company itself, its staff and clients.

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